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Showtime is a breakfast TV entertainment programme proudly produced by Grandstyle entertainment a subsidiary of Grandstyle Kreations an entertainment and multi-media outfit registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Showtime is presented by a professional hand in broadcasting.
One who has been described by fans as an ACE BROADCASTER and PRESENTER on radio and television. He is referred to as the man with an old head on young shoulders, MOSES UYI OSARETIN is his name popularly known as " De wise man" but addressed as WIZZY for the purpose of " SHOWTIME".

Showtime is aired on independent television every Thursday and Friday of the week on the morning (breakfast) belt between the hours of 7.am and 9.am (2hours).

Showtime is a variety TV show .it features so many segments like kiddies angle, a piece of the action, interviews, say it loud, young once today, on the move, sports, How they live, Echoes of wisdom, bank of proverbs, quiz, Advertorials comedy, live entertainment , talk back, say sorry, How I found my love, say thank you etc.

1. KIDDIES ANGLE is anchored by Wizzy the presenter and it is usually signed on live from the studios of Showtime. The segment features kids teaching and learning TV programs like; alphabetic reading and recitation video clips, cartoons, nursery rhymes, poetry etc.Musical videos done by the kids are also played for the kids and young ones alike to enjoy at home before going to school. This is one segment which time is static on the show. Others are not, hence they are interchanged from time to time, because showtime is an entertainment programme which is aimed at redefining TV entertainment. As such it intends to do something different from the conventional way other shows are presented on TV.

SHOWTIME… brings you the usual, in an unusual manner !!!

2. A PIECE OF THE ACTION: Is a segment, which presents to our teaming audience movies, which are of intense action, humors and fun, meant to thrill, entertain and suspend the audience in a way that they will be yearning for more of the actions. The presenter usually signs it on from the live studios of show time. And it lasts for not more than five minutes.... It has featured movies like, Joes apartment, Stuart little 1$2, hilarious comedies and a lot of action films etc.

INTERVIEWS: Because show time presents the usual in an unusual manner, we have on several occasions conducted out-door interviews of guest on the show. I.e. outside the studios of show time. We bring you interviews of actors and actresses on locations, we present to you musical artists right there in the studios as they are still working on their music. There are also the live interviews of respectable men, women and organizations in the society. Young talents are also discovered and show cased on this segment.

SAY IT LOUD: This is a segment which present to our audience topical and controversial issues which leaves the viewers with no other option than throwing them into a brain storming and cracking state. This segment brings to the audience the actions, reactions and comments of members of the public on the topic presented. Achieving this, the presenter, B.I.E (De man on the fence) takes his camera to the street. Something amazing and entertaining about this segment is the first hand reaction of the people being interviewed and the dramatic presentation of their comments can be so comic and humorous. While presenting this controversial topic or issue, it is a tradition for the presenter not to take side or pass any judgments instead, he remains sitting on the fence (neutral) that is why, the presenter of this segment Blessing Iyare Enabulele (B.I.E) is being referred to and addressed as the "MAN ON THE FENCE". The viewers at home are sometimes allowed to express themselves via phone in on the issues presented to them. It is a controversial world.

YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY: This is another inspiring segment presented by the man from Akwa-Ibom: GOODNEWS EDIENE (De resource control man). It is a young people's segment aim at passing the inculcation of moral and good conduct values in the young ones. This segment is moral molding, instructive and summarily it is didactic.

HOW THEY LIVE : With The Big Shock Diesel, SYDNEY SHOCKER. This is the award winning and most popular segment of the show. It presents to the viewers homes of international stars of global repute in their various fields of endeavors, music, sports, movies to information technologies. As the name implies, the home of these stars are brought to your living rooms. And you are opportuned for the very first time not only to have an idea of their way of living, but also to see absolutely how they live. Courtesy Sydney Shocker….

ON THE MOVE: This segment is solely for the presentation of outings and tours embarked on by the Showtime crew. Special Features on this segment include Showtime crew at specific locations, either on a courtesy call, on a discovery mission, sight- seeing or picnic.

BANK OF PROVERBS: This segment is a reservoir of proverbs. It Features proverbial postulations of our Fore fathers which today still serve as a guide to our daily actions. It aims at increasing the wealth of parables of our people both young and old.

Hence the elders say, "Proverb is the oil with which words are eaten". Proverbs add colors to words that ordinarily would have sounded raw, harsh or insultive and on the contrary polish them and make them sound refined and polite. It provides a medium for our people (viewers) to learn an alternative way of speaking, rather than speak literally, you can learn to speak literally.

ECHOES OF WISDOM: This is a segment that is more instructive. It is built on the basis of making the wise grow wiser and the wiser wisest. This segment goes further to explain the facts that life is actually more than what we see of it from the superficial viewpoint. Only the wise with a large heart can comprehend this. Stay tuned to showtime and feed from the table of the wise only on Echoes of Wisdom.

SAY SORRY: Is a segment that is audience (viewers) participatory. The phone lines are open immediately the presenter signs on this segment for viewers to phone in. It is a medium where opportunity is given to viewers who might have offended some body or a group of people, to apologies on air live to any body they might have offended. The spirit behind this is that we believe, and research had proved it before we started the segment that saying sorry to someone you have offended goes a long way in healing the wound, mending the broken fences and helping to bury the hatchet. Say only on Showtime….

HOW I FOUND MY LOVE: A man must surely travel on so many roads before he arrives at his destination and because we know that among these many roads is one which he cannot afford to forget in a hurry. That is the road where he met his life partner (found his wife). So Showtime decided to create this avenue where our audience (viewers) can phone in and tell us and other numerous viewers out there how and where he/she found his/her love. The beauty of this segment is the fun associated with the recount of how the caller (guest) found the love and the drama that followed after the first eye-to-eye encounter. Some found their love, in the church, some found theirs in the toilet, some found theirs in the market, others in their place of work, school, examination hall, inside the club etc. Have you found yours, and you want to tell us how? Then stay tuned to show Showtime every Thursday and Friday 7.am-9.am on ITV channel 22 UHF.


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 Total Profiles: 1113
 Male Profiles: 538
 Female Profiles: 547


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